How to use our new square bottle
Rev 09/15/2015

How to use our new square bottle

We have a new bottle! This bottle has a recycling seal at the bottom of it. Please recycle it when you are finished with it.

The bottle has a new type of silicone seal plug that many people mistake for a pour spout. It might be able to be used as a pour spout, but that is not its intention. It was designed to provide a leak proof seal with a small protrusion in the inside of the cap so that no ink can come out of the bottle during transport. Often, bottles that have paper or foil linings do not seal well enough when the paper of foil lining is removed. Our new bottle is virtually evaporation proof and spill proof as a result.

Remove the cap as usual by twisting it counter-clockwise...

The silicone plug should be removed for pouring or for allowing access to the ink by a blunt tip needle. Grasp it and pull upwards while wiggling it from side to side. This will allow the plug to withdraw from the bottle. The wiggling allows its ribbed design to inch its way out. (you could use shear muscle power as well - but then ink might follow if you are not careful!)


With the silicone plug removed you can pour the ink into your large format refillable carts through a funnel. You can also insert the blunt tip needle to withdraw for syringe filling of the small format carts.


To reseal the bottle after use, please re-insert the silicone plug by pushing it straight down into the bottle.


To finish use of the bottle - please screw the bottle cap back on. That’s it! Store the ink in a cool dry place. Our inks can safely be used for two years from purchase.


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