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Let's Clear the AIR
When clean air is required, oil-less compressors are the solution.

Many OEM pneumatic applications require the air stream to be clear of foreign particles such as oil. This is especially important in the medical, laboratory, environmental, and food preparation markets.


Best choice for pressure and/or vacuum applications that require compact, lightweight designs and high performance piston seals
Well suited for applications that require high pressures with proportionately higher flow capability.
DIAPHRAGM (gas/liquid)
Durable, high efficiency, low sound level and good air tightness. Adapts well to different gases. Suitable for continuous operation.
Low vibration, nearly pulsation free, compact and in some cases reversible flow operation.
LINEAR (gas/liquid)
For applications with low pressure requirements. Quiet operation, lower pulsation, higher efficiency, fewer wearing parts and very long life.
Low vibration, nearly pulsation free and of compact design. Reversible operation. Adjustable through supply voltage..


iAutomation provides complimentary solutions within the entire machine line, allowing for consistent evolution of performance. We make sure that your automation gives you a leg up on the competition, not handcuff you with headaches and limitations.

A lot of times, our customers don't realize the value of our services until we help them with just one aspect of their machine. Through that process they begin to understand what a complete solutions provider really means. They learn very quickly that the connection of all aspects of automation is very valuable. That is very important to us.

We have grown with our top clients for over 20 years because we actively help them solve problems and enhance their machine performance. Whether you require a full machine control solution or just a piece of automation, we can provide it. click here to see more about us

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