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Introducing the ELGC & EGSC Actuators

The new low-cost linear axes ELGC and the mini slides EGSC offer an optimal ratio between installation space and working space. They feature a common system approach, platform architecture and, last but not least, adapterless connections.

Regardless of the application, we have the actuators to meet your needs.

Mini slide EGSC-BS
Precise guiding, compact positioning mini slide with recirculating ball bearing guide and linear guide.
Ball Screw ELGC-BS
Internal spindle with ball screw for precise and smooth operation. Protected by a stainless steel cover band.
Toothed Belt ELGC-TB
Internal toothed belt drive for dynamic motion, even with high loads. Rigid and precise guide rail to absorb high guide forces.

For applications where compact dimensions are essential, these axes can be combined into very space-saving handling systems that fit seamlessly into a wide range of applications.

iAutomation is here to help you

We have Sales Engineers that are available in your area to assist you with your automation application requirements. Our experienced Applications Engineers are also available to help with any technical issues involving your applications. Contact us today!

We are eager to show you the EGSC & ELGC Actuators
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