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Looking for the Best Industrial PC Solution?
Take a look at the most powerful industrial PC on the market

Robust and reliable with long-term availability – these are the distinguishing characteristics provided by B&R's new box PC, the Automation PC 910

Uncompromising quality – for performance that easily endures the harshest industrial environments.
Superior performance – with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3|i5|i7 processors
Guaranteed highest standards – 'Made by B&R' means excellence in development and production with a focus on key advantages for manufacturers of machines and systems

B&R has partnered with Intel. This partnership guarantees an Industrial PC that will deliver today’s highest performance, while still being available throughout your machine’s life cycle.

The APC 910 takes advantage of Intel’s new third generation Core i-series processors. Allowing for increased processing power, increased graphics performance, and reduced power consumption.

B&R implements 100% in circuit and function tests on all products. We also install the necessary operating system and software on your Industrial PCs before they leave our facility. The industrial PC is ready to use out of the box. We know it’s the total cost over a product’s life cycle that matters, and that’s where the cost advantages of B&R Industrial PCs really shine.
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As an automation distributor we understand that delivering a powerful, reliable and energy efficient product is just one of many challenges facing OEMs, System Integrators, and End Users in today’s competitive market.

We are offering a unique and robust solid state Industrial PC, which gives you the opportunity to use your existing software solutions with the highest quality hardware.

A wide variety of hardware options are available to you, so we can build an Industrial PC that is customized to fit your exact needs. Download the PC Solutions brochure to see more details on our available technology and solutions.

If you would like to learn more, call (336) 698-4372 or reply to this email and we'll schedule a visit from one of our experienced automation engineers.

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