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Business intelligence begins with Identification!

Traceability is the act of documenting every step in a process chain. It will record the history, location, or use of an item by means of automated identification. Manufacturers use this information to gain visibility to achieve Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery, lean manufacturing, enhanced quality, and regulatory compliance.

TRACEABILITY GOAL Comply with regulatory and quality standards. Proactively manage product recalls with near-real-time corrective action. Improve customer safety, customer satisfaction, and profit margin. Manage product quality and reduce the cost of nonconformance.

Asset Tracking
Plant-based assets
Production Control
Assembly processes
Electronic Kanban
Plant-based material flow
Material flow between plants

Tags/Data Carriers
Start by choosing the best data carrier. Used to read and store data. Available in a range of memory sizes.
Read/Write Heads
Choose the correct head to read/write or just read the data on the data carrier, in various form factors.
RFID Handheld
Read/write head and processor in one for mobile applications, like rework stations and inter-logistics.
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Traceability Brochure
Video: Automated Parts Replenishment with RFID (Electronic Kanban)
Video: Balluff UHF RFID Gateway
Traceability Whitepaper
Industrial RFID Products

Balluff has been developing traceability solutions for industrial manufacturing for over 25 years. With a reputation for high quality and low maintenance products, they have an understanding of the demands in the manufacturing world…that is, to ensure quality and maximize your return on investment.

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