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A Sensor with High Performance and Energy Savings
Take a look at Banner's DF-G1 Fiber Optic Sensor. An innovative, easy-to-use fiber amplifier with a simple setup and reliable performance.

DF-G1 Dual Display Fiber Amplifier

The DF-G1 Expert Dual Display Fiber Amplifier is an easy-to-use fiber optic system that can be set up quickly to reduce installation time. The user interface is intuitive and the amplifier features a dual display screen, indicating the signal level and threshold simultaneously for simple operation. The DF-G1 has minimal warm-up drift, taking only minutes to start up and operate at full performance.

Small Part Counting
Small part counting applications are easy to set up and calibrate. The timing can be easily adjusted for various part sizes.
Presence Detection
Easily configured for detection of small targets like syringes in a limited space packaging process. The high flex plastic fiber also provides easy mounting at the sensing point.
The DF-G1 is used with hundreds of standard plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies. We will develop custom fiber assemblies to meet your unique application requirements.

With IO-Link, Banner’s DF-G1 fiber amplifier can achieve point-to-point communication, allowing for complete configuration and monitoring capabilities.

Caitlin Byerly
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (336) 698-4372

If you would like to learn more, call (336) 698-4372 or reply to this email and we'll schedule a visit from one of our experienced automation engineers.

Caitlin Byerly
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (336) 698-4372

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