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iAutomation in the Community
Enclosed are recent community activities iAutomation has been apart of, along with a few updates and celebrations we've had.

STEM Day at North Attleboro Middle School

iAutomation was recently invited to participate in STEM Day at the local middle school, North Attleboro Middle School, near our headquarters in MA. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM Day serves to expose students to the career paths available in the STEM fields in the hopes they will continue the education path needed to pursue a STEM based career.

We presented to 6th grade students an overview of the types of projects we’re involved in, the educational background & careers of our presenters, & what type and level of education an interested student would need to have to excel in our portion of the STEM world.

How Did the Demo Work?
We provided an interactive demo, in the shape of a tank, that utilized compressed air to fire stress balls into a pattern of buckets on the opposite side of the room. The demo contained an HMI, power distribution, integrated safety, motion control, structural aluminum framing, & an integrated pneumatic circuit.

In each class we fired the tank, intentionally missing, & gave students baseline information. Students then made educated assumptions on how they would change variables to successfully project the stress ball into one of the buckets.

The Result?
It was an overwhelming success – students & faculty alike loved it & iAutomation was excited to be apart of this learning experience.

Presto! iAutomation Joined with Festo

North Attleboro, MA -- Recently, we celebrated our new partnership with Festo with a cook out at our Northeast Headquarters. Our Executive Team members served and everyone enjoyed some time outside together to celebrate!

To see more photos of our cook out, please click here.


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def: the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

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