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Festo E-Drive Van

The Electric Drive Van addresses the issues we all experience with trade shows like cost, travel, inconvenience, and the loss of key staff members for several days. The E-Drive Van brings the exhibition to your front door – completely free and without obligation!

The E-Drive Van enables you to discuss your specific application needs with our automation experts while trying out hundreds of the most advanced automation products first-hand...without ever leaving your company’s parking lot!

If you would like for us to bring the E-Drive Van to your company, please reply to this email & we will schedule a visit.

Caitlin Byerly
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (336) 698-4372

We will be traveling in your area to demonstrate the latest advancements that can improve equipment and operational excellence.

Available now until September 5th

Your Parking Lot

Customer Service Phone: (800) 662-6748
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