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Proportional Pressure Regulator VPPE
Request a Demo of FESTO's VPPE Proportional Pressure Regulator

Proportional valve for simple control tasks

A new product with an excellent entry-level price which will please everyone. Except the competition! After all, you only pay for what you really need: reduced to the most essential functions or with complex functionality. And you get a reliable proportional valve that is easy to operate.

Sturdy Design

Compact design, ready for use in a variety of different applications, particularly where an optimal cost-benefit ratio is a primary consideration.
Simply connect in series...
Hook up...
and Display
At the high protection class IP65 and with high EMC resistance that goes far beyond Festo’s reliable standard.

Tailored to Any Application

The VPPE is ideal for almost any sector or application where the price-conscious are looking for a solution.


  • Compact design, IP65, High EMC
  • Key Lock - Access Protection
  • 3 Presets - Adapt to Application
  • Can be remote-controlled
  • Economical solution for simple automation tasks
  • Replaces manually operated pressure regulators


To request a proof of concept of FESTO's VPPE Pressure Regulator, please reply to this email or click here. Once we receive your request, we will contact you promptly to set up a meeting that works for you.

If you would like to learn more, reply to this email or click here and we'll schedule a visit from one of our experienced automation engineers.

Caitlin Byerly
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (336) 698-4372

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