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Check out these products designed to meet the toughest hygienic requirements.

Designed for food contact and splash zones, reducing cleaning time and maintenance, thus directly contributing to higher overall OEE for machines.
Gearheads that eliminate the need for additional components such as enclosures, shielding or mechanical transmissions.
A range of innovative rotary encoders with stainless steel, hygienic design, opened to field BUS communication.

Manufactured using corrosion resistant materials and component designs with smooth contact surfaces that eliminate contaminant "catch points".
Uncompromising quality – for performance that easily endures the harshest industrial environments.

Rugged laser distance sensors that solve difficult distance-based applications with robust housing rated to IP69K with FDA-grade stainless steel.
This new linear position transducer is designed to thrive in harsh conditions such as high ambient humidity, changes in temperature, high-pressure washdown, and caustic chemicals.
Limit Switches, Proximity & Presence Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors. Ratings from IP66 to IP69.

Robust and functional; this Clean Design valve terminal is packed with technical valve features. Available with IP69K protection, a redundant seal system, FDA-compliant materials and NSF-H1 grease.

These fieldbus I/O modules are especially well-suited for harsh environmental conditions outside the cabinet.

B&R's stainless steel panels provide IP69K protection and are perfectly suited for use with stringent hygiene requirements.

Pushbuttons with rugged construction and excellent operation in wet or dirty environments.

QC Industries' HydroClean Conveyors are designed for clean and efficient handling for all types of sanitary applications.

Boasting an available IP67 rating, Nachi's MZ Series robots are the fastest in class in standardized speed testing, leading all competitors’ robots.

iAutomation’s knowledge of the entire spectrum of technology ensures that you get a solution that fits best with your system.
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